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100 – 220 3rd Ave S

Seattle, WA


HOURS: tue-sat 10am-6pm.

Nov 4-24
Elements: Fire The second of four group exhibitions grounded by the elements, the artwork in this collection includes explorations of the increasing frequency of forest fires and their implications, the raw violence of fire, and the beauty of a flame. Elements: Fire is a challenging exhibition in light of the current reality and impact of global climate change, but is beautiful in its diverse perspectives.

Dec 2-23
Bratsa Bonifacho: Celebration. The acclaimed painter returns with new vigor in his latest series, Celebration. Reflecting on his decades-long career and oeuvre, Bonifacho breaks new ground through his ongoing engagement with semiotics and iconography, and subsequent explorations of gridwork and negative space. Despite their intellect, the paintings are vibrant, full of energy, and reveling in bright color.


A focus on contemporary paintings, photography, sculpture and glass from some of the most recognized artists in the US and Canada.

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