Feb - March 2000 Selected Previews

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Camrose Ducote

John Ramsey Gallery, Vancouver
2/5/99 - 2/26/99

Untitled #99-5(1999),
mixed media on paper

Camrose Ducote is a dedicated, well-established painter whose works ñ mainly mixed media on paper ñ are always a surprise. In this new exhibition, she manages much more complexity of content despite the fact that the pieces are not tied to representational images. Gone are the old boats, the skeletal hulls, the primal forms and house iconography. Through the purity of abstraction, she has produced a much less literal group of paintings than previously. Her references are now in the kinds of natural materials she simulates, rather than through the depiction of objects and structures. The collaged paintings appear to incorporate slices of earth and clay, iron and concrete. With hand-written papers collaged into the ochre, rust and steel grey-colored paint, these artworks are like geological records of the earth itself: a visual documentary of ancient residues, quietly shifting and repositioning. Other than through her hand-written scripts, Ducote doesnít stray from the rectangle as a primary shape. The rectangle is repeatedly applied and overlapped by more, producing surfaces that are rich in contrasts of light and dark.

© Mia Johnson