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Eleanor Bond: Quick aging pivoting city

Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
1/8/00 - 2/19/00

Elevated Living in a Community-Built Neighbourhood (from ìSome Cities seriesî)(1998),
acrylic on linen

Eleanor Bond is a Winnipeg-based artist who has been internationally established in high-art circles. For this exhibition, she has rendered enormous canvasses in black and white, some with restrained teasers of colour. This monochromatism, coupled with the content, gives her paintings a futuristic quality. Bond depicts fictitious cityscapes, which bleed off the edges of unstretched canvasses and fill their enormous picture planes from top to bottom. Without the relief of horizons, the reduced field of view is almost claustrophobic. But simultaneously, the elevated viewpoints push the scenes away in linear perspective. Loosely organized with typically urban grid structures, the dozens of buildings, thoroughfares and spaces lose their differentiation and become part of a singular viewpoint. The sense of claustrophobia is offset further with humorous and complex titles composed in a style reminiscent of Duchamp. Even with ironic parodies of architectural styles, the paintings project familiarity. But they are pure fiction, even though two pieces in this show originated from photos and video records Bond created while visiting Vancouver at the CAGís invitation last February. The sense of each city she visits becomes collapsed into metaphor.

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