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Claude Tousignant: Introspective

Winchester Galleries, Victoria
2/3/00 - 2/26/00

Le polygone noir(1958),
leather dye on linen

Winchester Galleries is presenting a selection of 23 paintings and drawings by senior QuÈbec artist Claude Tousignant. The exhibition will afford a good survey of his work from 1956-2000, with an emphasis on his fine-banded and "bulls-eye" paintings. Tousignant has been committed to a minimalist style of painting since 1956. Like his QuÈbec contemporary Molinari, Tousignant from the start took a rigorous and thoroughly modernist position to abstraction. He was one of the first Canadian painters to investigate the interplay of hard-edged forms and colour juxtaposition. During the 1960s, he continued to be influenced by the American post-war challenge of creating art through paint alone. He wanted his paintings to be perceived as objects, as autonomous commodities, with no ambiguous references to anything else. Tousignant made his first circular paintings in 1965. With their pulsing structures and clean edges, his rings of colour challenge our senses. As the hues change, our visual perception is affected by the new visual relationships. For viewers, these paintings are pure sensation.

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