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Davida Kidd: Staged Moments

Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver
May 10, 2000 - May 30, 2000

Weíve found 2 clowns who can replace you very nicely(1998),
mixed media, clay, fabric

As an influence of her training at the University of Alberta, where graphic design has been merged with the fine arts since the 1980s, Davida Kidd freely combines the two. Her small-scale pieces shift in presence from microscopic formats to conceptually grand ideas in a synthesis of drawing, printmaking, photocopies, digital art, photography and acrylic painting. The images are like stagings that focus on transitional moments between actors and sets. With their strong, compelling figures and ominous props, the pictures are disconcerting and often macabre - even though ambiguous. Like psychodramas, they reveal what has been called "the chaos behind the apparently rationale universe", although they don"t offer obvious narratives. Themes of carnival, religion, fashion and ritual evolve from her method of working in a stream-of-consciousness, instinctive style. Kidd"s work is very much in the vein of Duchamp, Miro and Chagall: surrealists who, like her, searched for the haunting and poetic. Today, living in an era of endless imagery, she is able to borrow freely from this outpouring to complement her own photos of a destabilized world. Finishing techniques - including photographs or computer scans of her assemblages - give the pieces conviction and credibility.

© Mia Johnson