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Ari Tomita & Mondo Secter: Jazz Brush - Zen Spirit

Chinese Cultural Centre Museum & Archives, Vancouver
April 8, 2000 - June 4, 2000

Dialogos No. 1(2000),

Ari Tomita and Mondo Secter are Vancouver artists who fuse the improvisation of jazz with the aesthetics of Zen. Both artists strive to create art that is minimal and instantaneous. Tomita spontaneously expresses her ideas using traditional Japanese brushes and ink. Secter creates sculptures that are meant to be experienced only when they move. Like a jazz musician who improvises intuitively, Tomita also projects the temporal and linear qualities of fluid thought through brushwork. In such abstract-existential art, every direct feeling or hesitation is revealed on paper like electrocardiograms. Any images perceived by the viewer in these paintings are reflections of the own viewerís ideas, not those of the artist, as they are only ìimpressions of the artistís consciousnessî. Mondo Sectorís sculptures are meant to be touched: to be experienced kinetically as ìstreams of energy that are aspects and expressions of time itselfî. The art is in the three-dimensional spaces between and around the moving parts. The spaces can be created and viewed only while the parts are in transit. When they stop, the spatial forms dissolve with them, and so does the viewing moment.

© Mia Johnson