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Mirrors Edge

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
March 15, 2000 - August 13, 2000

Dead Pan(1997),
still from 16 mm film

For decades, the work of art has been construed as its own reality and not reflective of anything but itself. "mirror's edge", a touring exhibit from Sweden, points to the return of 25 significant artists to the material world as a source of systemization, mediation and framing for their work. The show heralds their restitution of perception, perspective and the visual "image" in 58 contemporary artworks. A second curatorial theme presents the images as cultural products of the age of globalization, or, at least, of the influence of global media networks. The concept of "image" alone has become much more complex through different vehicles for production and reproduction. In this exhibition, these include sculpture, computer art, slide projections, photography, costumes, video, film, painting, audio installations, printmaking, billboards, industrial design, site art and more - including even vinyl records and goldfish. The exhibit therefore seeks to question the separation between reality and fiction. The focus is as much on this intersection - between the natural and invented; the true and imaginary; representation and subjectivity - as it is on a vision of art for the near future.

© Mia Johnson