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RoseAnn (Ra) Janzen: Easy Feelings

Dr. Vigari Gallery, Vancouver
Jul 6 - Aug 14

A Peaceful Easy Feeling(2000),
acrylic on canvas

RoseAnn "Ra" Janzen: "Easy Feelings" Ra Janzen, A Peaceful Easy Feeling, (2000), acrylic on canvas, [Dr. Vigari Gallery, Vancouver, Jul 6-Aug 14] Although she is now a senior artist in British Columbia, Ra Janzen lives the spontaneous life of a world wanderer. She's a prolific painter and frequent flyer, with hundreds of as-yet-undeveloped doodles to commemorate her trips to sunnier climates. Her paintings manage to re-capture this furious energy in a myriad of brushstrokes and impressions -- very Chagall-meets-Matisse. As an artist and book illustrator, she has worked and exhibited overseas in countries like Greece, Mexico, Morocco and Polynesia. Her regional images tend to have a domestic leaning that reflects her BC Coast surroundings and the lives of her several pet cats. While her basic colour palette parallels earlier works, the style of the acrylic-on-paper paintings in this exhibit is much sketchier. Applying less modeling and almost without backgrounds, she painted many of the single images in an almost graffiti-like scrawl. This more graphic approach is also less allegorical, with more tightly cropped compositions. The sense of a visual diary, however, is retained in larger pieces on canvas in her familiar narrative style.

© Mia Johnson