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Between Two Worlds: The Art of Poland 1890 - 1914

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
June 30, 2000 - Nov 12, 2000

Hutsul Wedding (National Museum, Cracow, Poland)(1914),
oil on distemper on cardboard

An exhibition of more than 100 masterpieces by turn-of-the-20th Century Polish artists has travelled from the National Museum of Cracow to the VAG for a first-time presentation in Canada this summer. The body of work as a whole exemplifies the height of Polish artistic creativity during a turbulent time of foreign oppression, and celebrates the integration of Eastern and Western European art influences. During the last years, of the 19th Century, Polish artists embraced revolutionary cultural movements in the salons of Europe to produce a new stylistic identity known as Mloda Polska or "Young Poland". In doing so, they threw over the somber palette and nisus of their predecessors. These paintings, prints, textiles and drawings are filled with the visual and sensual pleasure of lively and colorful folk styles.

© Mia Johnson