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Leap Visual Artist Group: What's in Your Purse?

Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey
June 4 - Sept 17

Whatís in your purse?(2000),

Whatís in your purse? The Leap Visual Artist Group not only would like to know, they would like to document the contents of your purse for others to see. A strong anthropological approach informs this show as each member of the group investigates the artifacts that people carry in their purses. As catch-alls for the personal and everyday objects people expect to need when away from home -- as well as for the inevitable bits and pieces accumulated during an outing -- our purses usually contain intriguing and unexpected items that provide a glimpse of our lives and the times we live in. In addition to private articles, the objects found for this exhibit include lottery tickets, spark plugs, personal alarms, bibles and traffic tickets. The Leap Visual Artist Group is a collective of nine women artists from the Fraser Valley. They formed a group for continuing support and inspiration after completing fine arts courses and programs at a number of colleges and universities in the B.C. lower mainland. Their show is one of four community exhibits the SAG will be hosting this summer in celebration of its 25th Anniversary.

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