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Vancouver International Sculpture Project 2000

Special Projects at english bay, Buschlen Mowatt gallery & library square, Vancouver
Sept 14, 2000 - October 31, 2000

Minotaur with Hare (1996),

The public waterfront areas surrounding Vancouver's popular English Bay will be transformed from July through October into an open-air pageant of sculpture; more sculptures can be seen at Library Square and Buschlen Mowatt Gallery. These often strange and wonderful works were created by artists who were invited by the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery to participate in the second outdoor Sculpture Project at this site. The impressive names read like an Olympics roster with artists like Canada's Sorel Etrog, the Americans Joel Shapiro and Robert Indiana, Lynn Chadwick from England and France's Niki de St. Phalle. This is an international-calibre exhibition that simultaneously is accessible to the public on creative and imaginative levels. The exhibition will showcase Sophie Ryder's 10' wire Minotaur (foot of Cardero Street); Dennis Oppenheim's The Marriage Tree and Markus Schaller's rolling stickman-in-a-wheel (Buschlen Mowatt Gallery); Boaz Vaadia's stone figures (foot of Nicola Street), and a twinset of painted bronze hearts by Jim Dine (near the Sylvia Hotel). Major works are punctuated by carved and stained cedar poles resembling totems, by bronzes and by semi-abstract forms with themes from the whimsical to ponderous and from figurative to beast-like. Sophie Ryder - Solo show Sept 14-Oct 12, 2000 Buschlen Mowatt Gallery Vancouver, B.C.

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