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E12: Canadian and Japanese Designs for Living

Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver
Feb 2, 2001 - Apr 1, 2001

Kimura Tsunehisa,
Environment (2000)

"E12" proposes a collaborative approach to design. In this exhibit, twelve Canadian and Japanese designers worked in teams to create artworks and articles around a global environmental theme of the consumer society as a disposable one. The artworks variously explore the place of the human within our post-modern environment; the 20th Century synthetic and its merger with the natural landscape; and debris as a lifestyle statement. In these works and essays, consumerism - the dominant ethos of the latter 20th Century - is equated with sensitivity to sanitation. We have come to believe that everything used must be disposed of and replaced, and this has led to artificially manipulated lifestyles. Design has become both cutting-edge and waste. The diverse thinking of the artists represents a plethora of responses from design-related disciplines: architecture, the graphic arts, landscaping, furniture design and even shipbuilding.

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