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Malin Bogholt, Karin Persson: Curatorial Mutiny Part 3

Or Gallery, Vancouver
Jan 19, 2001 - Feb 24, 2001

Malin Bogholt,

Konstakuten, an artist-run centre in Stockholm, Sweden, initiated an ongoing project entitled "Curatorial Mutiny" for cross-continent collaboration and dialogue between artists in Stockholm, London and Vancouver, B.C. The participating galleries have held two prior shows by invitation in London and Stockholm. In this, the third exhibit, artists explore the psychological architecture of our habitats - both the exterior and the interior. Visiting Swedish artists Malin Bogholt and Karin Persson are producing installations at the Or Gallery, to be accompanied by a video work by Vancouver artist "March 21". Bogholt has appropriated a huge assemblage of the Or Gallery's storage materials and piled them in the middle of the Gallery to create a sculptural work. Persson has constructed a system of pulleys and string that will draw a key along the gallery walls, floor and ceiling in a scaled-up version of a Swedish child's game. And a documentary video of March 21 under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug DMT will incorporate subtitles of his later recollections of the experience, much as Aldous Huxley once did in his book, Doors of Perception.

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