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Hands On: Insight through Touch

Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria
Feb 1, 2001 - Feb 15, 2001

Hands On (2000),
Tactile Colour

Hands On is a different and challenging exhibit - but mainly for visitors who rely primarily on eyesight. The colour and design of the artworks in this show are intended to be interpreted through the power of touch and sensation alone. These unique collages and sculptures are made with a material called Tactile Colour, which is an innovative system of 12 bold and distinctively textured colours. The artworks are arranged in sequence in the gallery from the one that is simplest to access to the most complex. Visitors are encouraged to wear eyeshields and feel their way through the exhibit. They will find that the range of styles provides a fascinating journey through Op Art and geometric designs to simple pictures, symbolic imagery and three-dimensional fantasy creatures. The work is supplemented by such aids as mobility maps, audio tracks, Braille labels, and catalogue sheets with photographs and in alternative formats. In addition to its uses for art and design, Tactile Colour is intended to be applied as a medium by architects, mapmakers, teachers and therapists, among others. For more information and visuals, visit

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