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"Opening Doors to the Northwest Coast: An Exhibition of Contemporary Works"

Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver
May 26, 2001 - Jun 9, 2001

When Two Became One
red cedar, acrylic paint

Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver May 26 - Jun 9 - One of Vancouver's most prestigious galleries for native art is mounting a display that has a three-fold play on the word "door". Not only are the central works related to actual doors, but the exhibit itself "opens doors" for an upcoming generation of modern carvers. In addition, several of the more progressive sculptures push the limits of Northwest Coast design by interpreting established motifs in innovative ways. The Douglas Reynolds Gallery has become known for the quality of traditional pieces by artists like Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Don Yeomans and Jim Hart. In this exhibit, Don Yeomans will be releasing an edition of bronze doorknobs that complement red cedar doors also carved for the show. Robert Davidson's son Ben will be debuting in a commercial gallery for the first time, and lesser-known Queen Charlotte carver Tim Boyko has created a six-foot totem. Pushing the boundaries of conservative design is artist Klatle-Bhi (Chuck Sam), who has carved a five-foot relief of a moon motif and a modern variation on the Atlakim Door mask. Many of the pieces in this exciting collection can be previewed at the gallery site by linking to

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