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Linda and Harry Stanbridge: Doublevision

Art Gallery of Southern Okanagan, Penticton
Jun 8, 2001 - Jul 22, 2001

Linda Stanbridge, …tre (1998),
ceramic, powder coated steel

Many shows of paintings are "decorated" with sculptures on plinths, but not this one. The ceramic and steel sculptures in this exhibit almost tower above the large-scale paintings on the walls.

In some ways, these huge sculptures by Linda Stanbridge share a convergence of ideas with the paintings of her husband Harry. Both artists use geometry as a means of expressing a sense of balance in a three-dimensional void. Though minimal in theme or content, the works are rich with illusionism to the point where the viewer must pause to consider the boundaries between real and imaginary space, in what have been more bluntly described as "optical games". In addition, the work of both evokes a sense of isolation, and simultaneously a strong feeling of "place". In fact, taken together, the combined artworks form a kind of environmental whole in the gallery.

Harry and Linda have been showing together since the 1960s. Where his work has been characterized as "commanding", Linda's has been called "subtle" and "complex". Where Harry's work is very frontal and deliberate in its geometry - conjuring schools of art and historical referents - Linda's sculptural geometrics tease our sight and visual perception. Once again, they succeed in superbly complementing each other.

© Mia Johnson