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David Ostrem: Smash Your Face In

Or Gallery, Vancouver
May 26, 2001 - June 23, 2001

David Ostrem, an idea (2001),
cibachrome print

David Ostrem, a popular Vancouver graphic artist and winner of an "Emily" award from ECIAD in 2000, is well-known to the art world for his contemporary illustrations. Since 1988, he has concentrated on the theme of the artist in his studio - surrounded by posters, magazines, art supplies, furniture and household objects. His brightly coloured drawings and silkscreen prints take their references from pop culture, Western art history and the landscape.

The still-life photographs in this exhibition were created during Ostrem's student days at the Vancouver School of Art in the early 1970s. They are considered to be his first mature works. Influenced by instructor Ian Wallace and the N.E.Thing Co, Ostrem's Pop Art aesthetic can be seen as tempered with conceptual and minimalist dispositions.

Roy Arden, a contemporary of Ostrem's, curated the exhibit. Twenty black and white photos, twelve color inkjet prints and six cibachrome prints are displayed. The images are mainly studio arrangements of still objects, together with references to the culture of the times: the Vietnam war, hippies, the news, art, and rock and roll.

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