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30 Year Celebration 1971-2001

White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach
Jul 14, 2001 - Sept 23, 2001

Royal Nebeker, Light Rain (2001),
monotype etching

This celebration consists of an entire summer of shows featuring paintings by Royal Nebeker, Bonnie Stone, Norman Lalibertè, Liza Jones, Valerie Willson, Randall Tipton, Petra Mathers, as well as sculpture by Bruce West, Douglas MacGregor, and Joel Burns, clay by Carol Gouthro, Yoshiro Ikeda, and Joan Govedare, and glass by Linda Ethier, Jerry Newcombe, Doug Randall and David Schwarz.

Evelyn Georges, a potter, established this Oregon Coast Gallery in 1971 along with painter Steve McCleod who left 29 years ago. Georges gave up pottery to fully direct the White Bird Gallery as she still does today. With the 15th, then the 20th, 25th and the upcoming 30th anniversary celebration Georges has witnessed a sleepy artistic town turn into a community with over 16 art galleries following in her footsteps.

Since the '70s Royal Nebeker has been showing at the White Bird. He is a well known local artist, as well as internationally-recognized painter of florals, the figure and the human spirit. In Nebeker's paintings, the vase holds the human spirit and the flowers are the "being" of the human spirit. In several of Nebeker's new paintings a character called "Blinky" is introduced. Blinky dances in and around the canvas as if the flower truly did lose its vase. Nebeker says, "I find it impossible to clearly distinguish between my creating and collecting." By collecting Nebeker is referring to picking up scraps of tickets at the train stations in Berlin, and using these in his paintings, as well as "stealing" or collecting ideas from 18th century Japanese images.

Other artists, such as Norman Lalibertè, renowned for his panels for the Vatican Pavilion at the '68 World's Fair and considered a Canadian artist, will be among those who rarely show in a gallery setting in Oregon. Bruce West, a faculty member at the Lewis and Clark College Department of Art and, although known for his large commissioned work, will also be showing gallery-sized pieces.

In this 30 year celebration there is no international hierarchy or emphasis on region. The artists participate as full-fledged players in a contemporary visual setting. It has taken thirty years for the migration to this coastal gallery. Things have changed in thirty years, a conjoining of creative forces, rich in talent with a support system that has depth, and is worthy of celebration.

© Robert Peterson