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Diane Burns

Picasso's Cousin, White Rock
Sept 2001 - Oct 2001


Picasso's Cousin, White Rock thru Sept-Oct - Batik artist Diane Burns must be considered a painter as much as a textile artist, even though her medium is hot wax. The details in many of this California artist's silk pieces are created with hundreds of tiny strokes. She captures textures from thatch to feathers in a display of artworks that include wildlife and wilderness. She is best known for her pictures of birds and mammals. Burns has been creating batik artworks using themes from the animal kingdom for 35 years. During the past five years, her images have been featured in a number of books and magazines.

Animal portraits are composed in traditional pictorial ways, rather than applied as patterns or motifs as might be expected of batik art. Working within the confines of rectangular and square formats that are meant to be hung on walls, Burns creates strong lighting effects that lend an additional naturalistic perspective.

Together with Mo Robinson, a singer/songwriter from Ireland, Burns will be performing songs from her newest CD at a White Rock venue during the gallery exhibit. For more information, phone 604-536-0444.

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