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Frank Hyder: Recuerdos Del Mundo Nuevo

Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
Feb 7-Mar 2, 2002

Frank Hyder, Los Gerreros Series, 2001 mixed media on paper [Butters Gallery, Portland, Feb 7-Mar 2]

This month the Butters Gallery presents an installation of mixed media paintings and wood carvings by Frank Hyder. As the recipient of last year’s National Senior Fulbright Research Grant, Hyder was able to live, work, and teach in Caracas, Venezuela. The artist was given museum and gallery exhibitions throughout South America including the first solo show by a U.S. artist at The Maczul Museo de Arte Contemporaneos (in Maricaibo).

Hyder has developed a unique style that stems from his fascination with woodcuts. His imagery, painted with vibrant colours, includes faces, hands, and the human form. His work has a sculptural quality since much of it is painted onto a relief surface. He often mounts a piece of painted plexiglass over his reliefs, creating depth, much like looking through a window. This exhibit includes an installation of paintings on paper which are embossed with leaves and suspended from the ceiling. Also on view are pieces from Hyder’s “Dream box” series. In this work the artist builds, carves and paints intimate, interactive boxes. The boxes are hinged so that they may be opened, revealing a carved wooden object such as a leaf or hand and a scene that resembles a printer’s wood block.

A common thread in Hyder’s work is the allusion to the mysterious and reflective spirit. On Saturday, Feb 9, at noon Hyder will give a presentation at the Butters Gallery detailing his travel in South America and how it has influenced his work.

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 Fri, Mar 29, 2002