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“Quartet for the Year 4698” or 5760: Improvisation for four projectors”

Open Space Artist-Run Centre, Victoria, B.C.
Feb 22-Mar 23

Laiwan (Vancouver) in collaboration with Lori Freedman (Montreal), Quartet for the Year 4698 or 5760: improviation for four projectors, [Open Space Artist-Run Centre, Victoria, Feb 22-Mar 23]

In celebration and recognition of a new millennium, contemporary Canadian artist Laiwan created a multimedia documentary in the form of an installation which has toured galleries across Canada since its inception. The title takes its name from the corresponding years for 2000 in the Chinese and Jewish calendars, 4698 and 5760 respectively.

Four 16-millimeter film projectors play four film loops simultaneously. Each film captured musician Lori Freedman performing a musical improvisation on clarinet. At the same time, the Quartet improvisations undergo a metamorphosis. As Freedman plays, they are digitized by computer then translated into notation on-screen, which is output by printer on paper. Microphones placed in the gallery add further layers of sound to the machination.

The exhibition has considerable relevance at a time when our culture is saturated with imaging, information and digitization processes. Through the project, viewers are encouraged to examine human relationships to technology as well as the impact of technology on humans. Our notions of subjectivity and the human body as a concept are under particular scrutiny.

Laiwan is a Vancouver interdisciplinary artist and writer who started the Or Gallery in 1983. An artist talk will be held at the gallery on February 23 at 12 p.m. Further information about her work can be found at www.gallery101.org/machinate.htm.

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 Fri, Mar 29, 2002