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InFest: International Artist-Run Culture

Artspeak Gallery
Vancouver BC Feb 25-29, 2004

Klaus Scherübel – Untitled (The Artist at Work) #9
Klaus Scherübel, Untitled (The Artist at Work) #9, (2002), epreuve couleur encadrement, [Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Feb 25-29]

Artist-run centres are non-profit organizations run by and for artists. In Canada they have supported some of the best known and internationally recognized contemporary artists and curators for 30 years. In February, The Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres hosts InFest, a significant gathering of representatives from artist-run centres around the world. Twelve leading foundations and councils fund the extensive event, which includes speakers from Montréal, Toronto, London, Seoul, Stockholm, New York, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Guadalajara.
Registration fees:
$75 organization
$50 individuals
$25 students/underemployed.

Registration commences Feb 25 at Simon Fraser University downtown campus.

Beginning with registration at Simon Fraser University downtown on February 25, events include discussion forums, exhibitions, networking, plus educational events and social events. Most programmes will occur at Simon Fraser University downtown and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design on Granville Island. In conjunction with InFest, there will be exhibitions at Artspeak, Access, Belkin Satellite, Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG), Centre A, Helen Pitt, Gachet, Grunt, Or, Western Front, Video In and Xeno Galleries in Vancouver, Open Space (Victoria) and Alternator Gallery (Kelowna).

The focus of the InFest agenda is the role of the artist in determining the culture of the visual arts, with an emphasis on how artists are represented and their work recorded. With different mandates, structures and funding sources, the term “Artist Run Centre” itself will be one of the topics of discussion.

For a schedule of events and to find out more about InFest go to www.paarc.ca/infest or email infest@paarc.ca

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Feb 3, 2004