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Beyond Presences:
An Exhibition of the Works of
Cameron Ian MacLeod

1565 West 7th Ave
Vancouver BC Feb 19-Mar 6, 2004

Cameron Ian MacLeod – Untitled
Cameron Ian MacLeod, Untitled (1980), charcoal, graphite on paper [1565 West 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Feb 19-Mar 6]

Twenty years after the death of young Vancouver artist Cameron MacLeod, his family is organizing an exhibition and tribute to the body of work he created. The images in Beyond Presences were produced between 1975-1981. During this period, MacLeod received scholarships, prizes and awards, participated in six exhibitions and studied extensively both locally and in Banff, London and Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

Three bodies of increasingly competent work are shown here. The Group of Seven, Emily Carr and time spent in the Queen Charlotte Islands significantly affected his earliest work, which included scenes of graveyards. Explosive, representational and fractured landscapes followed, with more delicate work influenced by Cezanne and Van Gogh, after MacLeod's travels in Europe. Most powerful of all were MacLeod's final black-and-white charcoal and oil drawings, informed by Giacometti and influenced by Francis Bacon but exhibiting his strong and strikingly original contemporary bias.

MacLeod’s mentors included Gordon Smith, Alan Wood and Takao Tanabe. His work struck a compassionate chord with Jack Shadbolt, who in 1987 wrote: “… his is a fascinating record of a promising young artist of our time… He stands with the Young Romantics as a poignant example of a singular talent fighting for a recognizable direction.” Shadbolt believed MacLeod showed passion, vision and unusual promise.

Mia Johnson

 Wed, Feb 4, 2004