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Miguel Da Conceicao

State Gallery
Vancouver BC Thru Feb, 2004

Jeanne Brennan - Vestige #1
Miguel Da Conceicao, Appendage, work in progress (2004), PCV piping and rope, [State Gallery, Vancouver, BC, thru Feb]

Despite the ever-changing face of Vancouver’s South Granville, drivers travelling down Fir Street or pedestrians walking by might be surprised by structures evolving on the exterior façade of 1564 West 6th Avenue. While they appear architectural, clearly something else is afoot here.

Sculptural forms constructed with piping and held together with rope are being attached to the surface in a seemingly organic protrusion of shapes. The artist behind the work, Vancouver-based Miguel Da Conceicao, began his engagement with the exterior space in December and will continue the work through February 2004. With the support of Patkau Architects, the exterior of the building housing the State Gallery now supports Conceicao’s wonky, randomized geodesic-style appendages that mimic and poke fun at the chaotic and diverse nature of urban development.

Da Conceicao is an emerging artist who creates site-specific installations. His work has already been exhibited extensively in select venues that include the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, the Belkin Satellite, Vancouver and the London Biennial.

In addition to the current work in progress, Conceicao is participating with a group of young Vancouver artists in an upcoming exhibition titled At Clay at the Liu Haisu Museum in Shanghai and in another group show opening November 2004 at the Western Front in Vancouver. His project for the State Gallery is the first in a series of artist projects planned for the exterior of the building.

Mia Johnson

 Wed, Sep 8, 2004