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David Wilson: Illumination

Aion Art Gallery
Vancouver BC Feb 5-Mar 6, 2004

David Wilson – Times Square North
David Wilson, Times Square North, (2003), acrylic on canvas, [Aion Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Feb 5-Mar 6]

David Wilson is a Vancouver artist whose paintings, like the writing of William Gibson, capture pivotal fragments of urban moments. Wilson's previous work has included figures and portraits, sometimes with text. The focus of Illumination is on the collective energy of cities, with glimpses of architecture, street signage, passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Features of the Vancouver and New York streets feel recognizable in the images, although Wilson intends to invoke a sense of anonymity in the downtown, urban settings. His style in these nearly 100 paintings has become more sophisticated and provocative. He shows a new mastery of light, particularly in his use of vibrant colours to capture the luminous electricity of night scenes. The brushwork is loose, spontaneous and gestural. With their dodgy interpreted style, the paintings have an impact similar to the queasy sensation of viewing manipulated Polaroid photographs. In addition to his new ease of technique, the numerous images of yellow cabs are a fascinating study in composition, form and light.

Founded in 2003, the AION art gallery is a new art space on Main Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Featured artists are from across Canada, Europe, the USA and South America.

Mia Johnson

 Wed, Feb 4, 2004