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Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art

Banff AB Feb 26-Apr 3, 2005
Edmonton AB May 20 - Sep 4, 2005

Janice Rahn and Michael Campbell - Thirty degrees portside list – The Elephant’s Graveyard
Janice Rahn and Michael Campbell, Thirty degrees portside list – The Elephant’s Graveyard (2005), 1965 Safari Land Yacht, Airstream, digital audio and video installation [Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB, Feb 26-Apr 3]

Since 1996, the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art has presented the work of over one hundred artists to audiences across the province. The current exhibition features artwork created by twenty-two emerging and established Alberta artists. It is expected to delight, surprise, provoke, humour, annoy, entertain and inform visitors.

As Alberta celebrates its own centennial in 2005, the fifth Biennial offers an in-depth look at paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and photography in a wide range of styles and techniques. It also provides the opportunity to examine critical and social concerns shared by Alberta artists at the beginning of the 21st century.

In addition to displays of imagery, the Walter Phillips Gallery and the Visual Arts program at the Banff Centre open their doors to the process of art-making. Studio spaces become exhibition spaces, with public programming assisting viewers in their navigations through the thoughts, materials and excitement of contemporary art. In May, the Biennial will be remounted at The Edmonton Art Gallery.

The Biennial is organized by the Edmonton Art Gallery, Walter Phillips Gallery and the Banff Centre, and curated by Catherine Crowston and Anthony Kiendl. Ed.

Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 4, 2005