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Thomas Anfield

Elliot Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC Feb 11-Mar 6, 2005

Thomas Anfield - Lemons with Pitcher
Thomas Anfield, Lemons with Pitcher (2004), acrylic on canvas [Elliott Louis, Vancouver, BC, Feb 11-Mar 6]

Thomas Anfield is a visual and performance artist in Vancouver, B.C., best known for his deep, dark studies. In a former incarnation, Anfield was a graffiti artist named Pablo Fiasco who contributed numerous symbolic "faintly religious" caricatures, to local telephone poles and the hoardings of construction sites.

Anfield is considered the first of Vancouver's anonymous street painters. Many of his murals were created in the Social Realist-style of painters in Mexico, where his work has been well-received. Underlying his male and female nudes is a strong sense of anatomy and a classical treatment of form. Anfield is also, with Kevin Bergsma, the creator of Butoh-a-Go-Go, a collaborative duet invited to perform in Russia last year.

The current exhibition marks a serious foray into the more formal atmosphere of a commecial gallery space. By employing theatrically staged settings of chairs, tables, bowls and pitchers, Anfield conveys a much lighter and more colourful sense of narrative and drama than was characteristic of his intense and moody figurative paintings.

Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 4, 2005