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Mowry Baden and Roland Brener:
Thirty Years in Victoria

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria BC Mar 4 16-Apr 3, 2005

Mowry Baden - Maquette for Night is for Sleeping/Day is for Resting
Mowry Baden, Maquette for Night is for Sleeping/Day is for Resting (1994), wood, plastic and paint [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC, Mar 4-Apr 3]

This two-part exhibition explores the influences of sculptors and teachers Mowry Baden and Roland Brener. Baden and Brener came to the Island in the 1970s and have influenced two generations of artists through their teaching at the University of Victoria. While continuing to practice on the Island, they have each gained significant international prominence. The current exhibiton showcases public art projects. Part Two, to be shown in January 2006, will present sculptural works.

Roland Brener’s Radioville is a captivating array of little jigsaw-shaped structures resembling whimsical computer desks or drawer sets. Utimately it will be a major art installation in Toronto. The piece was commissioned by Toronto’s Context Development for their architectural complex, Radio City, scheduled to open this spring. Brener describes the 34 stainless steel housing units as “sort of like alphabet soup”. He seeks to fuse domestic architecture, computer-assisted design and utopian ideas of urban living.

Roland Brener - Radioville
Roland Brener, Radioville [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC, Mar 4-Apr 3]

From Wild Celery to the Fulcrum of Vision by Mowry Baden features architectural maquettes, drawings and videos. Baden’s public art practice is shown in works from Victoria to Vancouver and Seattle to California. Baden, who earned an MFA from Stanford University in 1965, has been studying physical and perceptual interactions between viewer and art since the early 60s. His installations engage visitors in behaviours that have consequences for the installations or the environment.

Talks by Mowry Baden and Roland Brener: Saturday, March 26, 2pm at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 4, 2005