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Monique Genton: Tidy

Art + Soul Gallery (in the Pacific Pallisades Hotel)
Vancouver BC Feb 17-Apr 9, 2005

Monique Genton - 1701 West Broadway
Monique Genton, 1701 West Broadway (2005), acrylic on Plexiglas, [Art + Soul Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Feb 17-Apr 9]

Monique Genton uses photography, illustration and mechanical reproduction to direct our attention to artefacts of the 20th century environment. Through photography and painting, she has isolated features of suburban communities: cul-de-sacs with their continuous winding concrete curbs, boxy houses, parking lot islands, “big box” stores and industrial sites.

Tidy is a self-promoted show featuring architectural subjects. The images depict apartment and office towers from the 60s and 70s and their surrounding parking lot and landscape designs. Genton’s work reveals her admiration for these methodical technological monuments to international style, their dedication to car culture and to their clean modernist vision and attempt at cultural homogenization.

Originally from a hundred-acre farm in Ontario, Genton now lives and works in Vancouver. After a career in computerized medical radiology, Genton studied fine art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and then completed her master’s degree in art and technology at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Mia Johnson

 Thu, Feb 10, 2005