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In Her Shape: Women Look at Women
Ann-Rosemary Conway, Marcia Stacy,
Karen Gillmore

Martin Batchelor Gallery
Victoria BC Mar 5-31, 2005

Karen Gillmore - Dreaming Creation
Karen Gillmore, Dreaming Creation (2003), acrylic on canvas [Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria, BC, Mar 5-31

Victoria artists Ann-Rosemary Conway, Marcia Stacy and Karen Gillmore celebrate women in this timely exhibition that coincides with International Women's Day. Commemorated by the United Nations, International Women's Day (March 8) is designated by many countries as a national holiday to celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world.

In their work, the artists refer to goddesses of many eras, to the women of antiquity and to those who change the world today. They open our eyes to both history and to the possibilities of the future. Their work has a sincere, positive quality through which they translate their pleasure at being women and female artists.

The media that they use is as varied as the imagery. The exhibit includes collage, paintings, allegorical jewellery, art dolls, poetry and embossed hand-cast paper. Conway's iconic and antique-looking wall sculptures, dense with mythological motifs, contrast well with Gillmore's softly-hued figurative studies like "Dreaming Creation". Stacy's whimsical art dolls consist of clay sculpted heads, hands and feet with cloth bodies and silk and bead embellishments.

Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 4, 2005