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Eric Klemm: Metamorphosis

Gallery Jones Fine Arts
Vancouver BC Feb 17-Mar 15, 2005

Jack Goldstein - Under Water Sea Fantasy
Eric Klemm, Metamorphosis #801 (2004), colour print [Gallery Jones Fine Arts, Vancouver, BC, Feb 17-Mar 15]

Eric Klemm is a German-born artist whose paintings are exhibited at a gallery inside Aston House, a B+B run by Klemm and his wife on Saltspring Island. Klemm describes his paintings – a wild mix of gestural drawing and coloured spaces, as “romantic abstractions”. In a serious departure from this work, during the last year he has created a series of large-scale photographs of cars almost buried in undergrowth.

The Saltspring Island setting for Metamorphosis, found deep in the woods, is a brilliant green and run amok with moss, ivy and ferns. The 4- x 5-foot colour prints depict every tiny detail of the foliage, which contrasts sharply with the brilliant colours of the abandoned cars. The cars emerge from the growth like objects of art, a lavish installation of colour and pattern. The visual impact of the images is shocking. Through their intense clarity, they simultaneously convey power and fragility, movement and stagnation, air and oppression, levity and weight.

Klemm worked as an art director and photographer in Germany before moving to the Maldives Islands in 1979, where he leased an uninhabited island. He published two books of photographs of the Maldives and built a resort there before returning to Dordogne, France where he began to paint. He and his wife moved to British Columbia in 1998

Mia Johnson

Eric Klemm - Metamorphosis #813
Eric Klemm, Metamorphosis #813 (2004), colour print [Gallery Jones Fine Arts, Vancouver BC, Feb 17-Mar 15]

 Thu, Feb 10, 2005