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Bratsa Bonifacho: Moderato Cantabile

Foster/White Gallery
Seattle WA Feb 2-25, 2006

Bonifacho - Acta Musicologica
Bonifacho, Acta Musicologica (2005), oil on canvas [Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 2-25]

In his newest exhibition, Bratsa Bonifacho is embracing the subject of music through an invented visual language that is a metamorphosis from his prior series, Habitat Pixel, which represented computer viruses through organized fields of encoded text. Using a similar technique, Moderato Cantabile reflects classical music formats inspired by the work of Beethoven to Bach, Handel and Mozart while evoking the emotional impact inherent in this music.

“Moderato Cantabile is my own concerto”, Bonifacho states. Using rhythmic patterning of stenciled letter-like forms, Bonifacho creates an optical intensity that is highlighted by his radiant colour selections. Geometric hues repeat and alternate across the picture plane conveying sound as in Adagio for Colours, where larger swatches of blue tones mirror deep bass notes. These newest arrangements are more intricate and complex than in previous works, which amplifies the transient impression of music’s fluidity.

Bonifacho - Adagio for ColoursBonifacho, Adagio for Colours (2005), oil on canvas [Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 2-25]

The visual axiom here is created through methodical and multilayered compositions, akin to the complex structures of classical music. Formal elements of written music’s infrastructure are suggested in Bonifacho’s underlying foundation of graph-like rows and squares, as each is embedded with a vibrant gesture that carries momentum from the individual symbols to the painted entity. In this way, Bonifacho has solved the translation of abstract (intangible) musical data through the balanced temperament of random and ordered, divided and homogenized images.


Allyn Cantor

Bonifacho - Bonifacho’s Suite
Bonifacho, Bonifacho’s Suite (2005), oil on canvas [Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 2-25]

Bonifacho - Passacalia Chaconne
Bonifacho, Passacalia Chaconne (2005), oil on canvas [Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 2-25]

 Wed, Feb 1, 2006