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Eri Ishii: Solitude

Ian Tan Gallery
Vancouver BC Feb 11-Mar 9, 2006

Eri Ishii - Kid Ghost IV
Eri Ishii, Kid Ghost IV (2005), oil and wax on panel [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb11-Mar 9]

Eri Ishii - Hana Forever
Eri Ishii, Hana Forever (2005), oil and wax on panel [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 11-Mar 9]

Vancouver painter Eri Ishii is becoming well known for large and blurry paintings of figures in motion running through fields of colour. With their Polaroid sensibility, oblique perspectives and cropped bodies, her images have enormous presence and élan. As a result, she has quickly come up through community and public galleries to critical recognition.

Ishii works from photographs and from memory. Her most recent semi-abstract images consist of layers of oil paint and wax on canvas. Seen up close, the canvasses are thickly layered with shiny brush strokes embedded with rough waxy bits. They are a mass of motion that suggest subject matter only from a few feet away.

Eri Ishii - I’m AfraidEri Ishii, I’m Afraid (2005), oil and wax on canvas [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb11-Mar 9]

Ishii has been exploring the possibilities of movement for several years. Her work is inspired by Victoria artist Norman Yates, whose early paintings were realistic and later, symbolic. While most painters are hyper-conscious of the canvas and compose accordingly, Yates paints as if canvasses have no edges and continue to extend in every direction. The same lively spirit and disregard for formal boundaries can be seen in Ishii’s blurred impressions. Many of the figures are cropped as if a camera had not quite caught them in time.


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Feb 1, 2006