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Katsumi Kimoto: Untidaled

Jacana Gallery
Vancouver BC Mar 16-29, 2006

Katsumi Kimoto - Mountain Sunrise 1 & 2
Katsumi Kimoto, Mountain Sunrise 1 & 2 (2003), acrylic on canvas [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 16-28]

Katsumi Kimoto - Totemic Wave
Katsumi Kimoto, Totemic Wave (2005), acrylic on canvas [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 16-29]

Born in Sidney and raised in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, Katsumi Kimoto has an instinctive sense of the ebb and flow of waves and water. He brings this sensibility to edgy urban paintings he calls “visual fields of colour and line”. Vividly iterated line elements are densely layered and interwoven, creating a shimmering quality and saccade-like surface movement. They are exactly the kind of images that beg to be “read” for hidden subject matter, but that would do a disservice to his really interesting randomly distributed patterns of line.

Using saturated hues, Kimoto produces sensations of cross-hatching on dark grounds. Wavy line elements seem to float upward in erratic patterns from the pictorial depths to the glossy surfaces. The result is more like a study in optics than painting, although it is clear he knows his way around paint. In some of the work, a technique of combing and marbling creates an effect between fractals and psychedelia.

Katsumi Kimoto - Kuroshio Three
Katsumi Kimoto, Kuroshio Three (2003), acrylic on canvas [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 16-28]

Kimoto received his BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and more recently completed a multimedia programme at BCIT. He encourages viewers to examine the heavily textured surfaces and experience the constantly shifting focus that results. The visual sensations stress the phenomenological features of his work as much as the sensation of computer-generated elements.


Allyn Cantor

Katsumi Kimoto - Blood in Water
Katsumi Kimoto, Blood in Water (2005), acrylic on canvas [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 16-28]

Katsumi Kimoto - Tidal Drift
Katsumi Kimoto, Tidal Drift (2005), acrylic on canvas [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 16-28]

 Tue, Jan 31, 2006