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Henri Matisse: Lithographs and Etchings

Greg Kucera Gallery
Seattle WA Feb 16-Apr 1, 2006

Henri Matisse - Nu Su Rocking Chair
Henri Matisse, Nu Su Rocking Chair (1913), lithograph on Japon paper, edition of 50 [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA,
Feb 16-Apr 1]

The Greg Kucera Gallery presents an eloquent exhibition of original prints by the French artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954). Matisse had a long and varied career that spanned the art movements of Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. He is best known for his pioneer work in Fauvism, (circa 1905), with paintings defined by bold, energetic strokes of saturated Mediterranean colour and pattern.

This exhibition focuses on the etchings, drypoints and lithographs created by Matisse throughout his career. The black and white studies show the simplicity of line and form also found in his paintings and cut-out collages. Many of the small-scale works are portraits and renderings of women, several of whom were close to the artist. Some pieces show Matisse’s direct and primitive approach to line while others are tonal sketches with a classical sensibility.

Henri Matisse - Torso á l’Aiquière
Henri Matisse, Torso á l’Aiquière (1927), lithograph, ed 50 [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 16-Apr 1]

Also included in the exhibit are a few pieces from the Jazz suite (circa 1947). This series of prints was produced by a method known as pouchoir, using a series of cut stencils to hand-colour the designs with layers of gouache. Maximum intensity of colour can be achieved in this manner. Matisse created this important series late in his life when ill health confined him to a reclining position. The pouchoir prints were conceived originally as an illustrated book. They suggest his ‘Cutouts’, which were fabricated from solid sheets of paper painted with the same gouache pigment.


Allyn Cantor

Henri Matisse - Petite Aurore
Henri Matisse, Petite Aurore (1923), lithograph on china paper, edition of 50 [Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA, Feb 16-Apr 1]

 Wed, Feb 1, 2006