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Reva Stone: Imaginal Expression

Surrey Art Gallery
Surrey BC thru Apr 2, 2006

Reva Stone - Imaginal Expression
Reva Stone, Imaginal Expression (2004), computer-assisted installation [Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC, through Apr 2]

Canadian artist Reva Stone has been producing digital, video and electronic art since the early 1990s. Before the emergence of the Web and Internet, Stone was already deep into the possibilities of new media. This exhibition features the latest project of one of the most interesting artists of the last decade.

Stone uses computer-assisted installations to explore issues surrounding technology and the social aspects of it, such as the impact of biotechnology, genetic engineering and surgical transformation on our understanding of what it means to be “human”.

Imaginal Expression is described as a “computer-generated, viewer activated, real-time animated, 3-D environment”. The three-dimensional images in the display appear to be giant molecules wrapped with bits of human material like hair and bruised skin. Movement from visitors entering the dark gallery trigger their coalescence on an enormous screen. The molecules animate and form new shapes, appear to follow the visitor and then disintegrate when the visitor exits. The artwork uses two computers joined with a router, two ATI Radeon® 9700 Pro cards, a computer visioning system and four video projectors.

Stone, who is based in Winnipeg, has exhibited her work internationally and is active as a curator a writer, educator and a mentor to artists through MAWA, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.


For the duration of her exhibition, Reva Stone will be using the TechLab at Surrey Art Gallery as a studio space as she continues to develop her current project.

Mia Johnson

 Wed, Feb 1, 2006