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Equus Caballus by Jane Everett

Kelowna Museum, Kelowna BC – Feb 22-Jun 7

Jane Everett - Armor For A Work Horse II

Jane Everett, Armor For A Work Horse II (2006), conte, graphite on mi-tent [Kelowna Museum, Kelowna, BC, Feb 22-Jun 7]

Equus Caballus, curated by Gayle Liman features a versatile body of work by Kelowna artist Jane Everett focussing on the theme of the thoroughbred race horse. Included are drawings, oil on panel, oil and chalk on linen canvas, as well as sculpted chan frons (horse face armour) created from kitchen utensils.

Jane Everett - Equus Cabullus
Jane Everett, Equus Cabullus (2006), sculpted chan fron created from stainless steel assemblages [Kelowna Museum, Kelowna, BC, Feb 22-Jun 7]

The latter include both metal sculptures and strange drawings of face decorations made from egg beaters, whisks and slotted spoons. They simultaneously refer to the horse’s long history in battle and project a post-apocalyptic feeling. The oil paintings seek to capture a sense of speed and light through traditional drawing and painting techniques. These works are supplemented by representations of horses in early cave drawings from Lascaux and Chauvet, aboriginal pictographs, chalk drawings from the Renaissance and photographs from the Museum’s archives, all featuring the horse and its historical relationship with people.

Winnipeg-born Jane Everett received her BFA from Queen’s University and her paintings have been exhibited in private and public galleries across Canada. Her work can be found among the corporate collections of Royal Canada Securities, the BC Cancer Foundation, The Golf Hall of Fame in Toronto and Investors Group in Winnipeg. Her work is available at Herringer Kiss Gallery in Calgary, The Art Ark in Kelowna, Hampton Gallery in Kamloops and Artworks in Vancouver.

Mia Johnson


Jane Everett, Equus caballus IV
Jane EverettEquus caballus IV (2006), conte, graphite and oil wash on linen [Kelowna Museum, Kelowna, BC, Feb 22-Jun 7]

Jane Everett, Polo Park VII
Jane Everett, Polo Park VII (2006), oil on panel [Kelowna Museum
Kelowna, BC, Feb 22-Jun 7]

 Mon, Feb 12, 2007