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Thierry Feuz

Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC – Mar 8-Apr 1, 2007

Thierry Feuz - Psychotropical louxor

Thierry Feuz, Psychotropical louxor (2006), lacquers and solvent [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 8-Apr 1]

Thierry Feuz is an Austrian-born painter who has experimented with various genres of abstract painting – including all-over drip paintings, hard-edge stripes, solar systems and macro flower compositions, sometimes in combination. Using his signature lacquers and solvents in electric colours, he currently creates large-scale organic paintings.

Thierry Feuz - Over the Rainbow
Thierry Feuz, Over the Rainbow (2006), lacquers and solvent [Jacana Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 8-Apr 1]

Described as supernatural and pychotropic, the new works teem with imaginary plant forms and flying creatures painted in brilliant enamel and lacquer. They have a light touch – gentle, frolicking, almost tender. While decorative in reproduction, they are spectacular in person, dominating and enveloping the viewer in strange “forests” and fields of alien shapes. They are hallucinatory and plasmatic.

Feuz was born in Vienna, Austria in 1968 and lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied at the Ecole Superior des Beaux Arts in Geneva. Although his work has been exhibited at galleries in Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, New York City, Paris, San Francisco and Zurich, the Jacana exhibition is his first in Canada.

Mia Johnson

 Mon, Feb 5, 2007