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Robert Murray: Working Models

Art Gallery of South Okanagan
Penticton BC – Mar 13-May 13, 2007

Robert Murray - Kawaatebiishing

Robert Murray, Kawaatebiishing (2003), cedar, aluminum and steel [Art Gallery of South Okanagan, Penticton BC, Mar 13-May 13]

Robert Murray - model and shop drawing for Kawaatebiishing
Robert Murray, model and shop drawing for Kawaatebiishing, installed Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ [Art Gallery of South Okanagan, Penticton BC, Mar 13-May 13]

Robert Murray is described as the most significant Canadian sculptor of his generation. He has been an important figure in contemporary sculpture since the 1950s. Murray was born in Vancouver in 1936 and raised in Saskatoon. He studied painting at the University of Saskatchewan School, 1955 to 1958, and attended the Emma Lake workshops where he befriended Barnett Newman. He moved to New York City in 1960 where, through Newman, he met other artists and critics of the abstract expressionist generation. Anthony Caro, David Smith and Barnett Newman all have influenced his work.

During the 1970s, Murray began to incorporate more curved, folded and twisted forms into his art. He worked with fabricators to produce large-scale structures with industrial finishes, many intended for exterior installation. This exhibition features one major sculpture, sixteen smaller working models and installation photographs. The working models reveal the breadth of Murray's extensive oeuvre and show his interest in flight and flying. They demonstrate the best qualities of his style: a sense of industrial engineering, a topography of planes and angles, and an uncompromisingly masculine treatment of volume and surface.

Murray’s painted steel and aluminium sculptures have been widely exhibited in Canada and the United States. A retrospective exhibition was mounted in 1999 by the National Gallery of Canada. He currently teaches in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Mia Johnson


Robert Murray - Mbishkaad
ABOVE Robert Murray, Mbishkaad (2004), aluminum and solvent dyes, installed One King West, Toronto ON [Art Gallery of South Okanagan, Penticton BC, Mar 13-May 13]

BELOW Robert Murray, model for Mbishkaad (2003), painted aluminum [Art Gallery of South Okanagan, Penticton BC, Mar 13-May 13]
Robert Murray - model for Mbishkaad

 Wed, Feb 7, 2007