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Madeleine Wood: Openings

Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC – Feb 3-22, 2007

Madeleine Wood - Arbutus Abstract

Madeleine Wood, Arbutus Abstract (2006), oil on canvas
[Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 3-22]

A self-described “painter of natural delights”, Vancouver artist Madeleine Wood depicts fragments of colourful objects in her still life paintings. On small format canvasses, she has captured red peppers, yellow roses, the veins of leaves and tropical flowers, daffodils, mangos and pastel pottery, as well as less exotic glimpses of lumpy pillows and the rumpled sheets of unmade beds. A witty character and a sense of robust cheerfulness permeate her work.

Madeleine Wood - Totem
Madeleine Wood, Totem (2007), oil on canvas [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 3-22]

Wood’s current series of paintings has the arbutus tree as subject matter. Shed annually in dramatic abstract patterns, the thin, peeling bark of this unusual West Coast tree inspired her to experiment with strong illusionism and dynamic colour combinations. Working from more than 150 photographs she shot at Bennett Bay on Mayne Island, Wood has created an extensive series of abstractions on this beautiful theme.

Wood graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1993 and earned her Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 1996. She has had four previous solo shows and participated in 18 group shows. From her studio in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver, she has been active in the Eastside Culture Crawl and numerous other community events and festivals as an artist, juror, curator and administrator.

Mia Johnson

Madeleine Wood - \Strawberry Sea
Madeleine Wood, Strawberry Sea (2007), oil on canvas
[Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 3-22]

Madeleine Wood - Black Forest
Madeleine Wood, Black Forest (2007), oil on canvas
[Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 3-22]

 Wed, Feb 7, 2007