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Manfred Lindenberger Retrospective:
Graceful Exuberance

Museum Of Northwest Art
La Conner WA – Jan 10-Mar 8, 2009

Manfred Lindenberger, Whistler [Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner WA, Jan 10-Mar 8] Photo: Patrick Woods

Manfred Lindenberger, Windows

Manfred Lindenberger, Windows (2006), acrylic on canvas [Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner WA, Jan 10-Mar 8] Photo: Patrick Woods

Painter Manfred Lindenberger's expressionistic style pays homage to the vivacity of humanity, despite the difficulty of his own past. Born in Berlin in 1914, Lindenberger immigrated to Seattle from Nazi Germany in 1937. The Pacific Northwest scenery often served as a subject in Lindenberger's work and was the region where he made his home until he died in the fall of 2008.

Graceful Exuberance features over 50 years of Lindenberger's watercolour and acrylic paintings. Glimpses into his creative process can be seen in the drawings, sketchbook studies, objects from the artist's studio, and photos of the artist at work.

Lindenberger's style was influenced by German Expressionism, trips to museums during his childhood in Berlin, his friendship with Mark Tobey and his studies with Windsor Utley at Cornish College of the Arts during the 1950s. Characterized by vibrant, resonating hues and an energetic hand, his paintings evolved from representations of landscape and the surrounding Northwest scenery to figurative subjects portrayed in public settings.

Lindenberger's later pieces are distilled into densely patterned compositions that seem to pulsate with the gesture and rhythm of life. His animated abstractions often reference bustling crowds and capture lively moments in time through an exceptional use of colour and his distinctive activated syle.


Allyn Cantor

 Wed, Feb 4, 2009