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Lisa Birke, Race to the End

Lisa Birke, Race to the End (2009), oil on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-27]

Lisa Birke: 20/10 Vision

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver BC – Feb 6-27, 2010

Lisa Birke, Toast

Lisa Birke, Toast (2009), oil on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-27]

Embracing the Cold

Lisa Birke, Embracing the Cold (2009), oil on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-27]

The first place finisher will be one who uses 20/10 vision: the ability to see clearly 20 feet ahead what the average eye can only see at 10. – Lisa Birke

20/10 Vision is an exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures by Vancouver artist Lisa Birke that uses Olympic sport themes as a catalyst for exploring current issues and what she perceives as a global state of mind. Once described as “fleeting, complex and often chaotic” with “a crackling visual inventiveness,” her artworks have a sense of urgency and speed.

The paintings have multiple, futuristic overlaps of shape, colour and detail. In an effort to imitate the manner in which she feels bombarded with imagery and layers of windows on her computer desktop, Birke has created collagelike pieces using different styles and techniques. The treatment is quite compatible with her theme of the Olympics: it produces an almost cacophonic mêlée of audiences, settings, equipment and athletes. As she describes them, “I am interested in new ways of interpretation, organization, and representation of imagery and information of a society viewing life and existence through cyber windows.”

A 1999 BFA graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Birke continues to teach in the ECU Continuing Studies program as well as for their Teen Foundation and Teen Spring Intensive programs. Her paintings on the theme of ice hockey were included in Arena: Art of Hockey (2008-09), a touring group exhibit shown at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax; Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton; and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto. Birke has shown with the Bau-Xi Galleries since 2000 and is an active participant in charity auctions, community art projects and artist-run centres.


Mia Johnson

Eric Deis, Rose Marry (June 2, 2008)

Lisa Birke, Global Warming Ice Rink (2009), oil on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-27]

Race Through the North West Passage

Lisa Birke, Race Through the North West Passage (2008-09), oil on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-27]

 Mon, Feb 15, 2010