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Salvatore Felllino, digital self-portrait

Salvatore Felllino, digital self-portrait [Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton BC, Jan 22-Mar 14]

Mail Art Olympix

Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton BC – Jan 22-Mar 14, 2010
Havana Gallery, Vancouver BC – Feb 21-Mar 5, 2010

Natalie Lamanova, cyberstamps

Natalie Lamanova, cyberstamps [Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton BC, Jan 22-Mar 14]

Luciane Chio, woodcut

Luciane Chio, woodcut [Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton BC, Jan 22-Mar 14]

Mail art had its origins in the 1960s when artists around the world began to exchange small works of art through the postal system. A strong sense of Dadaist humour is apparent in a lot of mail art along with an emphasis on the fact that it exists outside commercial and institutional galleries as a collaborative, communications-based initiative which preceded the emergence of web-based social media by 40 years.

For Mail Art Olympix, Ed Varney has curated an exhibit of work from over 350 artists in 41 countries, much of it presented together with colourfully decorated envelopes. The exhibition has three themes or event categories: the artist Self Portrait, which has long been a popular format for mail artists who trade personal and geographic information to encourage travelling and social visits; Artistamps, representing work by artists who produce sheets of postage stamps and rubber stamp art; and Manifestos, showcasing work defining mail artists thoughts and intentions political, economic, social and artistic. The latter category is also concerned with portrayals of the contemporary gallery system as being closed, elitist and money-driven.

In 1968, Ed Varney and Harry Rappaport established Intermedia Press which had evolved as the printing and publishing arm of Vancouver's Intermedia Society. Varney first began producing unique and collectible artist stamps in 1984. He heads the Museo Internacionale de Neu Art and was the creator of Mondo Postale, both mail art initiatives.



Mia Johnson

 Wed, Feb 17, 2010