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Gregg Simpson, Summer Days

Gregg Simpson, Summer Days (2008), oil on canvas [Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 2-27]

Momentum: 25 Artists

Leighdon Studio Gallery
Vancouver BC Feb 2-27, 2010

Pnina Granirer

Pnina Granirer, Where do we come from, 2007-8,
mixed media on canvas [Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 2-27]

Pnina Granirer, Mystery at Gabriola

Pnina Granirer, Mystery at Gabriola (1989) mixed media on paper [Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 2-27]

“Some artists cannot sustain the merciless world of competition, art politics, rejection and penury and fall by the wayside. Momentum is an exhibition of works by artists who did persevere over the decades, continuing their work in spite of ups and downs and, by doing so, creating an important heritage of visual art for British Columbia.” – Pnina Granirer, curator, Momentum.

The Coast Art Trust Society is a group of local artists who began forming a collection of their works in 2006 to establish its historical validity. To qualify, donors must be exhibiting artists with at least thirty years of creative activity. In 2009, the University of Victoria assumed responsibility for holding the collection.

Momentum features two works each one created recently and one created before 1990 from the first donor members of the Coast Art Trust Society: Donna Balma, Joan Balzar, Anna Banana, Mary Blaze, Susanna Blunt, Ross Bollerup, Audrey Capel Doray, James W. Felter, Stephen Gibbons-Barrett, Pnina Granirer, Sherrard Grauer, John Haig, Jeannie Kamins, John Koerner, Jeanne Krabbendam, Leo Labelle, Sally Michener, Marilyn S. Mylrea, Kal Opr, Sharon Perkins, Friedrich Peter, Henri Robideau, Gregg Simpson, Bob Steele and from guest artist Jane Richardson.

The span of twenty or more years between artworks is intended to highlight both the continuity and the growth of each artist. Interesting comparisons can thus be seen between styles, themes, materials and presentation formats. Many of the participants have had a measure of success: some have participated in major exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally, and some have their works in permanent gallery collections or documented in books, films and critical reviews.


Gregg Simpson, Spiked Landscape

Gregg Simpson, Spiked Landscape (1987), oil on canvas [Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver BC,
Feb 2-27]

Jeanne Krabbendam, Back Lane

Jeanne Krabbendam, Back Lane (2008) mixed media on wood panel [Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 2-27]

 Wed, Feb 17, 2010