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Tomoyo Ihaya, Pump Station

Tomoyo Ihaya, Pump Station (2010), varied (unique) Edition of 5, mixed media on Ink Jet Print [Art Beatus, Vancouver BC, Feb 11-Apr 8]

Tomoyo Ihaya: On the Edge of Water

Art Beatus
Vancouver BC – Feb 11-Apr 8, 2011

Tomoyo Ihaya is a Japanese-Canadian artist whose work explores the theme of water and its literal, symbolic and spiritual significance globally. On the Edge of Water features photo-based works of remote regions in northwest India superimposed with small grey collaged shapes symbolizing people and water tanks or other containers. The photos were shot on location in India and completed in the artist's studio, then produced as limited edition prints.

The silhouettes add a surreal dimension reminiscent of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun's early collage work. The shapes, which allude to what the artist describes as “ceramic and tin vessels and large blackened pots that people cooked in and ate from, pots that were also used to transport water,” intensify the visual impact and expand the narratives of the original photos. The exhibit also includes new mixed media drawings on paper or wood panels.

As well as exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally, Ihaya has produced art work through international artist-in-residency programs in India, Mexico, Thailand, the United States (Utah) and Canada (Edmonton). Her educational background includes studies at Rikkyo University, Mount Allison, Emily Carr and Capilano College, with an MFA from the University of Alberta (2002). Ihaya has received numerous awards including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


Mia Johnson

Tomoyo Ihaya, 09 Untitled

Tomoyo Ihaya, 09 Untitled (2010), mixed media on Japanese paper [Art Beatus, Vancouver BC, Feb 11-Apr 8]

Tomoyo Ihaya, Flood

Tomoyo Ihaya, Flood (2010), mixed media on Japanese paper [Art Beatus, Vancouver BC, Feb 11-Apr 8]

Tomoyo Ihaya, Water Gathering

Tomoyo Ihaya, Water Gathering (2010), varied (unique) edition of 5, mixed media on inkjet print [Art Beatus, Vancouver BC, Feb 11-Apr 8]

 Sun, Feb 6, 2011