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Taizo Yamamoto, Shopping Cart #20

Taizo Yamamoto, Shopping Cart #20 from the Shopping Carts Series (2008), pencil on bristol paper [Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 21-Mar 5]

Taizo Yamamoto

Pendulum Gallery
Vancouver BC – Feb 21-Mar 5, 2011

Over the past 10 years, Vancouver artist Taizo Yamamoto has created several unique bodies of work using different drawing techniques. For Late Night TV he stippled colour pencils on bristol board to imitate the pixellated effect of television pictures. His portraits of dozing commuters are striking studies in the use of a scribbled, looping line to build up tone and dimension. They have an ethereal, dreamy quality quite different from his recent shopping cart series.

Called “buggies” on the street, the shopping carts of the homeless – with their detritus of clothes, boxes, plastic bags, small furnishings, blankets and recyclable objects – are microcosms of cultural rubble. Yamamoto sets each one like a still life on a plain background and treats them as portraits. As Vancouver artist Brian Boulton does with his figures on a larger scale, Yamamoto manually reproduces his photographic- sourced imagery in small, convincing graphite drawings.

Taizo Yamamoto grew up in Vancouver, BC and earned his Bachelor of Architecture at McGill University, Montreal in 1999. He worked for a New York architecture firm from 1999-2003 before returning to work at his father's practice in Vancouver. The Pendulum Gallery exhibits are held in the atrium of a bank on downtown Georgia Street, Vancouver – home of the Arts Umbrella Splash event, Graphex and the VCC Design exhibit.


Mia Johnson

Taizo Yamamoto, Hedges #3

Taizo Yamamoto, Hedges #3 from the Hedges Series (2008), pencil on bristol paper [Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 21-Mar 5]

Taizo Yamamoto, Commuters

Taizo Yamamoto, Commuters (2008), pencil on bristol paper [Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 21-Mar 5]

 Sun, Feb 6, 2011