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Diana Thorneycroft, A People's History (Louis Riel) (2010)

Diana Thorneycroft, A People's History (Louis Riel) (2010), digital photograph [Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary AB, Feb 10-Apr 7]

Diana Thorneycroft: A People’s History

The Art Gallery of Calgary
Calgary AB – Feb 10-Apr 7, 2012

Diana Thorneycroft is a Canadian photographer who challenges popular beliefs about Canada’s culture, history and national identity. In a previous series, she explored the “mythic” Canadian landscape as it was portrayed by painters in the Group of Seven; highlighted the use violence as entertainment in television shows and movies, and conjured up various fictionalized scenes using animals and characters commonly associated with the North. Her work has been described as “a direct play on the idiosyncrasy, anxiety, and contradictions that form Canadian identity.” Thorneycroft is active as a keynote speaker and panellist on topics of copyright and literacy in art.

Artist Talk:
Diana Thorneycroft will discuss the inspiration, aesthetics and politics behind her work, Feb 16, 7pm

Like her series Group of Seven Awkward Moments, the photographs in A People’s History are based on tableaux Thorneycroft creates with dolls, action figures, toy furniture, plastic animals, model trees and other small objects, illuminated and set against backdrops. Conceived with a “slightly twisted sense of humour,” each scene in A People’s History is a fictional account that recalls shady moments in Canadian history.

The provocative and controversial images are on tour during 2011-12 at The Art Gallery of Calgary, Art Mûr in Montreal, Art Gallery of Regina, and the Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert. The Calgary exhibit is part of the Exposure 2012 Photography Festival. Photographs from A People’s History were previously included in a show at the McMichael in 2009.

Mia Johnson

Diana Thorneycroft, Night Pine Island (2008)

Diana Thorneycroft, Night Pine Island (2008), digital photograph [Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary AB, Feb 10-Apr 7]

 Sat, Feb 4, 2012