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Tara Nicholson, Schreber Garden, Dortmund

Tara Nicholson, Schreber Garden, Dortmund, c-print [Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria BC, Jan 17-Mar 28]

In Session – One

Legacy Art Gallery
Victoria BC – Jan 17-Mar 28, 2015

Laura Dutton, Sunspots & Horizon

Laura Dutton, Sunspots & Horizon (2014), C-print transmounted to Plexiglas with Sintra backing [Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria BC, Jan 17-Mar 28]

This exhibition features 35 paintings by BC painter Edward Epp, all produced in the 1980s during the seven years he taught art in Liberia.

The gallery’s proceeds from the sale will go to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, one of several organizations working to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa. “The situation in West Africa is dire,” says gallery director Robert Kardosh. “The authorities in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal are appealing to the international community for help in fighting this ravaging disease, the worst outbreak in history. When Edward Epp drew this wonderful body of paintings to our attention, we saw an opportunity to try to do something to support those who are committed to stopping Ebola’s spread in the region and prevent further suffering.”

Epp is also donating a portion of his proceeds to the relief effort, bringing more attention to the crisis in Liberia and West Africa generally. During his time living in Liberia, Epp and his wife, Leanne Boschman, taught art at university. He says that the show is a celebration of the beauty of the Liberian landscape and the spirit and warmth of its people.

Christine Clark

Megan Dickie, still from Dueling

Megan Dickie, still from Dueling (2014), HD stop motion animation [Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria BC, Jan 17-Mar 28]

 Sun, Feb 8, 2015