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Michael Markowsky, The artist drawing while flying in a CF-18

Michael Markowsky, The artist drawing while flying in a CF-18 (2013), photograph [Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops BC, Jan 17-Mar 21]

Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Kamloops Art Gallery
Kamloops BC – Jan 17-Mar 21, 2015

Michael Markowsky bills himself as a “dynamic visual artist,” a painter for whom performance is as important to his practice as brushes and pigment. A committed experiential artist, he has drawn and painted while riding moving cars, boats, trains and dogsleds. His latest sketching session took place inside the cockpit of a Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter jet travelling at supersonic speed.

On the walls inside the KAG’s Cube gallery are selections from the five 3- by 6-metre canvasses Markowsky painted based on the drawings he made while airborne. On the floor, the artist is constructing a scaled-down wood and canvas version of the jet he flew in when he made the drawings. Once the model is completed – by the later stages of the exhibition – gallery goers will be able to sit inside its cockpit and take in the view.

Markowsky welcomes visitors to assist him. However, for those who would prefer to use the Cube as a place to draw, Markowsky, ever in motion, ever open to outcome, is open to that as well.

Michael Turner

 Sun, Feb 8, 2015