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Laura Vickerson, The Between

Laura Vickerson, The Between (detail) (2016), mixed-media installation [Nickle Galleries, Calgary AB, Jan 29-Apr 2] Courtesy of the artist

Laura Vickerson: The Between

Nickle Galleries
Calgary AB – Jan 29-Apr 2, 2016

This January marked the return of Series, a popular succession of exhibitions that ran from 1999 to the closure of the Nickle Arts Museum in 2010, when it moved to the Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary. Series featured the work of mid-career artists from the Calgary area, in addition to providing opportunities for writers and curators active in the local scene.

For its first exhibition in six years, Series opened with Laura Vickerson’s The Between, a site-specific installation that features the artist’s recent textile work combined with objects and artifacts she selected from the Nickle Galleries’ collections.

“I often work with discarded objects and materials that were, at one time, a part of everyday experiences,” writes Vickerson on her website. “Through changing trends and a general desire to consume, these things outlive their usefulness or become obsolete.”

As her exhibition title suggests, it is what happens between the initial acquisition of these objects and their eventual rejection that Vickerson appears attracted to, a proposition that brings to mind that old John Lennon adage, “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.”


Michael Turner

 Sun, Feb 7, 2016